Our vision is to be a church in Balham that helps to grow disciples of Jesus Christ.

A disciple is essentially a learner. And so, we want to learn from Jesus. After all, his life was marked by a wholehearted love for his Father, a sacrificial love for his people and a generous love towards his world. And therefore these three things follow:

We Want to Learn How to Love God Wholeheartedly

And so we listen attentively to his word. We take the Bible seriously. We try to let God speak and live our lives in joyful obedience to His word. We want to know what God’s word means for ourselves, our church and our country. It means that we try to understand and apply the Bible to inpidual, congregational and national life. We ensure that God’s word sets the agenda for what we do and how we do it. Understanding the Bible is not all that there is to loving God and living the Christian life, but it’s the starting point for everything else that follows.

Teaching and training one another in handling the Bible permeates every level of church life. Our Sunday sermons and doctrine slots, our small group programme, the men’s and women’s ministry, our children’s work and our weekends away all have at their heart a determination to understand the implications God’s word.

We Want to Learn How to Love One Another Sacrificially

We think that relationships matter. They matter hugely in the Christian life because we’re meant to love one another. The Bible makes it clear that we need one another if we’re to continue to live with Jesus as our Lord. We need encouragement, support and training from others. And occasionally we need also the correction and rebuke of friends and leaders to whom we’re accountable. And so we’re committed to providing a place where all sorts of people can find a community to which they can belong. Lots of people live in London and yet many fail to find that. It’s one thing that we can offer as a local church. Lots of people can walk to church and, as importantly, walk to one another’s houses. That’s good for community life.

Given that we’re a relational church, we try and encourage people to join a small group. We’re not expecting that these people will all be your new best friends, but it’s a good place to start! Small groups are the place to begin to form the friendships that we all benefit from in the Christian life.

We Want to Learn How to Love God’s World Generously

Lots of churches think that mission is sending people out across the world. We stand with them on that. But we also think that mission also consists of sending one another across the street to our neighbourhood. Our origins as a church are mission related. We were launched as a church plant of 20 people in October 2002 in order to reach this area of urban South London with the gospel. We want to keep reaching out to the local community in loving service.

Given that we’re a missional church, we’re constantly exploring new methods of enterprising evangelistic activity. It means that evangelistic priorities consume much of our precious resources. Much of our time, energy and cash are directed towards mission. And so we’re busy, we’re knackered and we’re broke! But it’s a great place to be because we’re deliberately trying to help people hear the most wonderful news in the world. Most people want to know that their lives count for something. We want to give everyone a chance to be involved in building something significant for the Lord. We’re doing that so that Jesus Christ may be known and God may be glorified.