We love students at CCB, desiring to encourage them to live wholeheartedly for Jesus Christ at university.

A Student’s home from home

Balham is really close to St George’s University so we have a number of medical students joining us at CCB. Our philosophy is to fully integrate students into the life of the church family, whilst providing specific opportunities for them to be encouraged in their unique environment:


Each Wednesday night the students meet with everyone else at Knowing God, but here they enjoy their own group where they can apply God’s word to their specific situation in life.

student lunch

Most Sundays the students are hosted for lunch in smaller groups or as a whole student group by members of the church family, to enjoy great food and cross-generational fellowship and fun!


We aim to offer every student at CCB the opportunity to read the Bible one-to-one with a member of the staff team or a mature Christian in the church family. We desire to model godly and prayerful living.


We desire to teach and train our students to be effective witnesses of Jesus, and we encourage them to be part of the Christian Union at their university, where they can join with other believers to be a mission team making Christ known on campus. We enjoy partnership with UCCF as they support and equip the CUs, and with Christian Medical Fellowship.

Get in touch

If you have any questions about our student ministry or would like our student worker to get in touch, fill in the form below:

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