we are


We’re a lively Bible-centred Anglican church, seeking to share the good news
of Jesus Christ with the people of Balham.

put simply we are

Committed to God’s word

What we believe and what we teach is governed by our understanding of the Bible. What God says in scripture shapes our church life, sets our agenda and drives our priorities. And so we aim to help everyone understand what the Bible says. We make sure that our sermons are accessible to those who are completely new to Christian things as well as feeding those who are more familiar with God’s word.

Committed to God’s people

Christianity is collective. It’s not meant to be a lone crusade. We need one another for encouragement, support and accountability. And so aim to be a church that loves God’s people sacrificially by offering practical service to anyone among us in need, whether new mums needing meals, lonely or sick people needing a visit or the discouraged needing reassurance.

committed to God’s world

We don’t simply want to be a church that sends out missionaries across the world to the nations. We want also to send out missionaries across the street to our neighbourhoods. And so we aim to be a church that shows holy and respectful love towards everyone in our community. We are devoted to doing whatever is good, especially in explaining the gospel of God’s love.

more officially

We are an Anglican church, meaning we hold to the doctrine of the early Councils of the Church,  Thirty Nine Articles of ReligionThe Book of Common Prayer and the Ordinal. Our Senior Minister is an ordained presbyter of the Church of England, with permission to officiate in Southwark diocese.

We are part of a new emerging Anglicanism which seeks to be conservative in theology, yet contemporary in practice.  We subscribe to the Reform covenant of 1994 and the GAFCON Jerusalem Declaration of 2008.

We enjoy partnership with many other Bible-believing churches in the local area.
As part of the Co-Mission network we subscribe to their Articles of Faith.
We are also part of the cross-denominational South East Gospel Partnership.

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