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On Sundays

10:30am-12pm, Chestnut Grove School

Our family service

It’s a service for everyone, believer or not. It’s called a family service because it’s when our church family meet. If you are not used to church things (or want to know what kind of church we are), here’s a brief low-down of what happens when the family get together:

During the Service

At our main Sunday service we do many of the things that Christians have been doing for millenia:

  • We sing with joy to our Creator and Redeemer (our music is contemporary in style)
  • We confess our sins together, being confident of our forgiveness in Christ
  • We pray to our Heavenly Father, knowing he loves to hear our prayers
  • We read and preach God’s word, knowing he wants to speak to us (our sermons are expository, meaning we will go through a book of the Bible, passage by passage, over successive weeks)
  • Each month, we come to the Lord’s table, remembering and participating in Christ’s death for us.

For Children

Our service aims to be accessible to children of whatever age. We always have a kids talk and a kids song as part of the main gathering, and before the adult’s sermon the children go off to their own age-appropriate activities.

For NewComers

We also aim for this service to be welcoming to those looking in on Christian things. Every week there will be people with us who wouldn’t yet call themselves followers of Jesus. We love to have newcomers join us, so we aim to give a warm welcome to all, regardless of background.

church life

There’s lots more going on besides our sunday meeting, whatever age or stage you are at, you can feel part of Church life at CCB.

Children and Youth
small groups
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