Summer Church Times

Those of you who have been around CCB for any length of time will know that, come the summer, both the morning and evening meetings can feel a bit empty; families go on holiday, students enjoy those wonderfully long vacations, many from both morning and evening congregations serve at camps and others take the chance to visit family and friends at weekends.

The result is much smaller gatherings at 10.30am and 6.30pm – and fewer people to make things happen!

Taking all of those things into account, we have decided that for six weeks over the summer, starting on Sunday 24 July – 28 August, we are going to combine our meetings, with one gathering at 4pm, in Chestnut Grove. We'll still do all the things we normally do – sing, pray, meet God in His word, and encourage one another in our conversations; it's just that the mix of people might be a bit different to normal!

On 4th September, we will revert to morning and evening meetings.

So, not a summer holiday from church, but rather a desire to make the best use of the resources we have and enjoy one larger gathering – maybe even meeting some new people along the way!

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