Starve your gods…

"The LORD will be awesome to them when he starves all the gods of the earth. The nations on every shore will worship him, every one in their own land." [Zephaniah 2:11]

False gods need feeding to survive. We turn 'good things' (like houses, careers, wives/husbands and children) into 'god things' and we feed them when we sacrifice our time, our money, our loved ones to them in the hope that they will provide the comfort, security and satisfaction that only the Lord can.

The Lord hates it when we do that, because we offend him and we destroy ourselves as we pursue life apart from him, the only one who can give it! So his awesome anger against sin and his commitment to 'starve' our false gods is an expression of his love and goodness, because he knows that fullness of life is found only in worshipping him.

So pursue life in the Lord as you worship him in everything (Rom 12:1), and pray that he would make you a part of his plan to bring the gospel to people from every nation, that they too might worship him in their own land.

Every blessing,


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