Children are important and valued members of the church family at CCB. All children of any age are welcome and we work hard to help new arrivals and settle them into their age groups.

Our children’s ministry is overseen by Pauline and Abbie

On Sundays

We provide an excellent Sunday School, Christ Church Kids, to grow them in their understanding of Jesus Christ, and to help them live for Him. There is also a well resourced crèche for under-threes.

Christ Church Kids takes place at the 10.30am service. Children remain with us during the early part of our time together for a hymn or song, a 3-5 minute children’s talk and brief prayer. They then leave, usually in a flurry of activity, to go to their own classes.

Each lesson includes learning about God and Jesus from the Bible and related games, quizzes and craft activities.

Christ Church Tots

A well equipped crèche runs for children under two. Those bringing young children to church are encouraged to drop them off in the crèche at the same time as the younger children leave for Christ Church Kids (about 15 minutes in).

Christ Church Twos and Threes

This bridges the gap between crèche and Christ Church Kids. The teaching, songs and games are designed to convey simple truths about Jesus to the younger children.

Christ Church Kids

Christ Church Kids is about having great fun as we introduce the kids to Jesus from the Bible. Sessions include games, arts and crafts, quizzes and songs related to the theme or the Bible passage being taught. The group splits into age groups for some of the activities; typically 4-7s and 8-11s.

Most weeks the kids will bring home a piece of artwork or a worksheet that provides an opportunity for the parents to talk with their children about what they’ve been learning.


Ignite is our group for years 7 to 9.  We recognise that this is a crucial time in a person’s life as they think through what they actually believe, so we want to help our youth think through the basics of Christianity and what it means for them. It runs each Sunday, covering the same Bible passage as the parents will hear taught in church.

During the Week

Balham Boppers

BalhamBoppersCover50Balham Boppers is a group for parents to come with babies, toddlers and pre-school children to bop, bounce, sing and listen to stories. It runs on Friday mornings from 10am to 11am. Children’s snacks, tea, coffee and cake are provided. Please note, this is not a ‘drop in’ group – families sign up for a 12 week term for £30. If you are interested in joining, please email us.

Dangerous Club

Dangerous Club is a youth group for kids in school years 3 to 6. Click here for more details

We take child safety very seriously. All our leaders undergo DBS checks.

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