Knowing God

‘Knowing God’ is the name we’ve given to the evening church midweek small groups. They provide an opportunity for learning from the Bible, praying together and giving and receiving personal care.

They happen on a Wednesday night at Chestnut Grove School. People start arriving from 7.30pm for coffee and refreshments. The formal start time is 8.00pm. We aim to finish by 9.30pm. We tend to study Bible books together; currently we’re going through Mark’s gospel. We’re really keen for people to join a small group if they can because they make a huge difference in people benefiting from the community life.

Growth Groups

Growth Groups are what we call the small group Bible studies that meet in people’s homes, usually on a Tuesday evening. Many churches call them ‘Home Groups’. But we resisted that temptation. We wanted a name that reminded us that the purpose of the group wasn’t encapsulated by where we meet but by what we meet to do. And we want to grow. We want to grow in Christ, in knowledge, in godliness, in maturity and in relationship with one another. God willing these groups help us do that.

Women’s Bible Study

The Women’s Bible Study meets each Wednesday morning during term time in Balham. It’s run by women in the church as an opportunity to study the Bible together, and support each other in prayer and other practical ways.

All women are welcome, whether you describe yourself as a Christian or not. The group currently meets on Wednesday mornings when a crèche is provided for those with young children.

For further information please contact us.

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